The form faced by the hvac motors industry
 Jan 16, 2023|View:482

Today's social forms are ever-changing, and several hvac motors companies perceive in 2022 that the devaluation and appreciation of the currency will not reverse the continuing downward trend of the export market in the increasingly fragmented global geo-trade economic situation. In the previous year, because of the "domestic sales + export" two-wheel drive and showing the vitality of the hvac motors industry, in 2022, obviously into the dilemma of the lack of two-wheel drive, the industry continues to decline in the size of the trend more and more clear. The industry seems to have three good this year but ultimately proved that the surface of the good so that the air conditioning motor companies encountered greater challenges.

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1. Two-wheel drive achievements.

As an extremely important part of the air conditioning industry chain, the development of the hvac motors industry is closely related to the air conditioning industry. The overseas market is key to supporting the current scale of the hvac motors industry increment, whether the export business of air conditioning machines or direct export of hvac motors supporting business.

But as the new crown epidemic continues, global inflation intensifies, Russia and Ukraine conflict outbreak and other multiple crises, the global economy is a downward trend, and the European Union, the United States, Japan, and other major economies have the full impact. For hvac motors exports, on the one hand, a large portion of the previous year's orders was in the state of inventory backlog in the local market, waiting to be sold; on the other hand, as overseas factories resumed work one after another, the previous year's stress-based orders shrank significantly.

Overseas market "pull crotch" not only dragged down the scale of the hvac motors industry development, more enterprises due to the misjudgment of the situation at the beginning of the year and seriously disrupted the pace of strategic adjustment.

2. The price of raw materials fell to improve the competitive environment.

From April onwards, due to the decline in global production demand, raw material prices rose and then fell, including electrolytic copper, electrolytic aluminum, and various raw materials prices have fallen sharply.

The hvac motors industry looks like it has finally gotten rid of the dilemma of stagnant downstream purchase prices and persistently high upstream raw material prices over the past year or so, which has led some industry players to believe that the profits of hvac motors companies will improve.

But the fact is that after the decline in raw material prices, hvac motors companies face stronger demand for price cuts from air conditioning companies and severe oversupply after the fierce competition in the industry. Between improving profits and maintaining market share, hvac motors companies unanimously chose the latter.

The face of copper prices and rare earth metals and other raw materials prices of great uncertainty, aluminum wire products no rare earth products will be more attention to the research and development process. When solving the aluminum wire motor overheating, new materials to replace the magnetic material, and other problems and bottlenecks, hvac motors competition pattern will also change due to the upgrade of raw material technology.

3. Global high temperature stimulates demand.

From late June, a heat wave swept the country from north to south, with high-temperature events lasting for two months and affecting more than 900 million people. During the same period, the heat wave hit Europe and the United States, and the global high-temperature weather became one of the important events for the air conditioning industry. However, this round of hot weather, which seemed to stimulate domestic and international retail market demand, was not sustainable. Even from July to August, when the retail end was out of stock, hvac motors manufacturers did not see a spike in scheduled production.

This hot weather not only did not fully drive the domestic sales market of air conditioners but also, because of the low-end models of stress demand concentrated shipments, leading to the risk of the market order into another price war while seriously overdrawn the few remaining incremental market of air conditioners.

For hvac motors companies, in the case of a direct export market blocked, the domestic air conditioning machine domestic market if the high-temperature weather and overdraft future demand, the industry's "domestic + export" two-wheel drive will show "two wheels are not driving" the situation.

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