The air conditioner electric motor industry is moving forward against the current
 Feb 06, 2023|View:398

As an industry that occupies 90% of the global production capacity and a total capacity of more than 520 million units, the air conditioner electric motor industry has been showing an unsurprising downward trend in recent years, whether in the overseas export market or domestic sales support market can not reverse the downward trend of the industry in a short period.

air conditioner electric motor

In this unpromising outlook, the way of survival of air conditioner electric motor companies is not the price means, but to timely grasp the innovative footsteps of technological upgrades to match the trend of evolutionary iteration of the air conditioning machine. DC brushless motor (in the future referred to as DC motor) is the key to the development of air conditioner electric motor companies to find the upgrade direction in the face of adversity.

1. DC motors are still growing in the air conditioner electric motor industry against the trend.

With their superior performance in energy efficiency, noise, and life, DC motors have seized the market opportunity of implementing the new energy efficiency standards for air conditioners and the significant improvement of air conditioner product comfort in recent years and expanded their sales scale comprehensively. In air-conditioning motors, DC motors have become a major trend to replace AC motors.

Air-conditioning motor enterprises frequency conversion, intelligent and comfortable R & D design of air-conditioning motor in the domestic market, DC products more rapidly developed.

DC motor replacement tide has become an important opportunity for the air conditioner electric motor industry, large enterprises in the DC field, a dominant pattern is broken. The air conditioner electric motor companies must seize the major opportunity of product DC transformation to achieve rapid growth.

2. The air conditioner electric motor industry has entered a period of cost reduction and iterative upgrading.

It is worth mentioning that when the development of DC motors from a structural optimization type alternative to the development of a fully popular alternative, it also shows that DC motors will be like AC motors, facing the cruel pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The DC motor, which has entered the stage of full popularity, is facing a specific demand for cost reduction. This means two things: once the DC motor's relatively high-profit level declines, the DC motor manufacturing process, and even models will be an iterative upgrade to reduce costs.

3. DC motor technology in the air conditioner electric motor industry has further room for excavation.

With the comprehensive upgrade of DC motor technology, air conditioner electric motors in the vertical application of large models, and horizontal derivative functions, there is a market space worth digging into.

For example, the light commercial EC motors upgraded in the global market in the past two years have not only become the new favorite in the home central air conditioning market through the advantages of constant air volume, high energy efficiency, and low noise but also have huge room for development in the animal husbandry and breeding industries.

The rapid rise of new air conditioners in 2022 has created a new demand for DC motors for air conditioners. The structure and characteristics of the new air conditioner determine the motor of the new air module requires an external rotor structure design while meeting the requirements of high efficiency and silence. Taiyo Electric has made it clear to the public that it has successfully developed a dedicated motor platform for new air conditioners, providing a core product with high comfort and quality experience for healthy breathing at home.

In addition, in the industry exchange, there are also air conditioning companies that will be DC motor drive module optimization design, derived from air conditioning filter dirty blockage detection, power monitoring, air volume active adjustment, and other intelligent, cost-reducing R & D ideas.

In the industry's downward spiral, DC motor technology upgrades have become an important opportunity space in the air conditioner electric motors field.

The above is about how the air conditioner electric motor industry moves forward in adversity. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!